A backyard swimming pool provides a great way to cool off during the scorching hot days of summer. But your pool is only fun when it stays clean and safe for friends and family to enjoy. Regular swimming pool maintenance is the only way to keep it clean and functioning optimally. It takes just a few simple steps to keep your pool sparkling, fresh, and ready-to-enjoy all season long.

Clean the Skimmer Baskets

A weekly cleaning of the skimmer baskets is essential in order to keep debris out of the water. Contaminants that become saturated eventually float to the bottom of the pool if the skimmer is not properly working or if it is full. Make sure to keep the skimmer baskets clean to avoid a buildup of insects, leaves, and dirt.

A Shocking Experience

It is important to perform a weekly shock treatment on your pool to keep it clean and working efficiently. Don’t worry, the treatment isn’t nearly as ‘shocking’ as it sounds! The shock treatment works to remove any algae or bacteria that could be lingering around inside the water. There are many sources of bacteria so you can never be too careful.

Is the Chemistry Right?

One of the most important tasks a pool owner will complete is pH level monitoring. Test the pool water with pH strips at least once a week. It is important to keep the pH levels in your pool between 7.2 and 7.8. The lower the number, the less chlorine is necessary. The less chlorine you can use in your pool, the better.

Clean the Filters

Known as backwashing, filter cleaning is vital to a healthy swimming pool and a clean pool. It is also important to clean the filters to prolong their lifetime and their ability to remove bacteria from the water. If you want to prevent cloudy water, you must backwash on a weekly basis.

Check Your Water Levels

Proper water levels is another important part of proper swimming pool maintenance. The water level should be center with the skimmer so that it performs at optimal conditions. When the water runs low it adds stress to the pump that can cause it to burn out prematurely. Water that is too high may prevent the skimmer from working properly, thus allowing dirt and debris to remain in the pool.

Swimming Pool Maintenance is Vital to a Clean Pool

Maintaining a clean swimming pool needn’t be a challenging or time-consuming experience. As a pool owner, it is important to schedule a maintenance day instead of experiencing the frustrations that come from having a dirty pool. Use these swimming pool maintenance tips and enjoy worry-free use of your pool all summer long!

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