Regardless of whether it’s a buyer or seller’s market, without hiring a local real estate agent, you’ll lose valuable time and possibly miss out on the house of your dreams. While you are busy looking for houses, trying to deal with the seller on your own, and getting your financials in order, a skilled realtor is helping other buyers find the home of their dreams, which also may have been yours!

Consider these three ways hiring a local real estate agent can help you find your perfect house.

1. Handling Difficult Negotiations

Negotiations can make or break the home buying process. If a buyer is so emotionally involved that they begin to argue with the seller about repairs not being made despite paying the full asking price, tensions will rise. Worrying about a small issue that might take a hundred bucks to repair could come at the cost of the seller getting aggravated and walking away from the deal. Your real estate agent is going to have a keen sense of what to ask for and what to accept as-is.

Once you’re ready to make an offer, the realtor will draw up papers that list some of the things the buyer would like to have done moving forward. By presenting the negotiations in this way, the sellers will be in a position to work through the list objectively. In the end, both parties are more likely to get exactly what they want, in a straight-forward and less emotional manner.

2. Keeping Everything Moving Along

In order for the house to be sold in a timely manner, there are lots of things that have to go right and stay on track. If the buyer is working without a real estate agent, they will discover very quickly how challenging it is to keep everything moving along orderly. Buying a home is a very complicated process, and your real estate agent brings decades of experience to the table to make certain nothing falls through the cracks.

Your local real estate agent will properly present offers, submit repair requests, prepare counter-offers, acquire mortgage commitments, and follow-up with these documents as needed to keep anything from possibly derailing the closing.

3. Avoiding Issues

There are countless stories of buyers who lost the house at the closing because of something unforeseen happening at the last second. In order for the closing to go smoothly, it takes careful preparation and planning by your realtor. One missed detail could kill the deal at closing, so your realtor is always looking to make sure everything is in order. Your realtor will make certain the title is clear, do whatever it takes to get the lender to stop dragging their feet, and have all the documents ready for the real estate attorney.

There is a mountain of paperwork that will need to be signed at the closing by both parties, and without the help of a skilled real estate agent, one missing document could spell the transaction falling through.

Once you fall in love with a house for sale, there is only so much you can do to move the process along on your own. By hiring a local real estate agent, you have a better chance at securing your dream home for the right price.

Beyond Hiring a Local Real Estate Agent

Another real estate professional buyers should seek assistance from is a home inspector. When you have discovered your perfect house and successfully placed an offer on it, hire a home inspector to inspect the property and provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the home. Spotlight Inspect offers home inspection services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Click here to request an appointment.