Fire Safety Tips to Prevent the Unthinkable

House fires happen and they can be devastating to you and your family. Fires often start for common reasons, many of which could be prevented. Likewise, serious fire damage and even fatalities could have been avoided if the right steps were taken.

Because a house fire could happen to anyone, it is important to follow these fire safety tips so that you and your loved ones stay as safe as possible.

The Devastating Effects of a House Fire

A small spark can turn into a house fire in a matter of minutes. Even if you contact the fire department for assistance at the first sign of a fire, significant damage may occur before they arrive and begin battling the flames.

Fires can result in expensive repair costs, the loss of most or all personal items in the home, injuries, and even death. Implementing these essential fire safety tips soon can help you keep your property and loved ones safe.

1. Check Your Smoke Detectors

You can take many steps to prevent a house fire, but some fires can also start for reasons outside of your control. Anything from a lightning strike to a spark from a firework could start a house fire. You and your loved ones need to know as soon as there is danger so that you can escape safely.

Functional smoke detectors should be installed in each bedroom and on all levels of the home. Make sure that these detectors work properly by replacing the batteries regularly and by conducting regular tests.

2. Have an Escape Plan

When you review fire safety tips, you may not think about talking to your family about how to escape a burning structure or where to go. However, many people die in fires because they panic and do not have a plan in place.

Talk to your family about how to get out of each room in the home safely and stress the importance of doing so quickly. Decide where you will meet outside of the home, such as across the street in a neighbor’s yard.

3. Clean the Dryer Vent Regularly

A common cause of house fires relates to poor dryer maintenance. A dryer is a super-heated appliance that must be cared for regularly. Drying laundry causes small pieces of lint and fuzz to get trapped in the dryer’s filter. This filter should be cleaned before each new load is placed in the dryer.

The reason for this is because lint and fuzz are flammable and the super-heated air from a dryer can ignite a fire. Likewise, some lint may escape from the filter and enter the duct that vents the dryer’s air from the home. This duct should also be cleaned regularly.

4. Check Electrical Cords Periodically

A review of fire safety tips would not be complete without discussing electrical cords. If your home is typical, you likely have several electrical cords in most or all rooms. Each of these cords could potentially become frayed or damaged in other ways.

An exposed wire can cause sparks, and these sparks can lead to a fire. All damaged cords should be replaced as soon as possible and not used in the meantime.

Some house fires, such as those caused by a lightning strike, cannot be prevented. However, by following these fire safety tips, you’ll be safer and more prepared in the event that a fire does occur.

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